Apple WWDC24 event announcement hero.

👀 The Xcode Essentials talk clocks in at 36m, and while some of the things in it apply to the Xcode beta, so many of the capabilities demoed are already in Xcode 15 and earlier. It is a must-see for anyone new to Xcode and a solid refresher for everyone else. Watch: Developer App and YouTube.

👀 Run, Break, Inspect: Explore effective debugging in LLDB is excellent. Developer App and YouTube

👀 What’s New in Swift. Developer App and YouTube

👀 Analyze Heap Memory is a dive into the sometimes esoteric but vital to understand topic of memory. Developer App and YouTube.

👀 Explore Swift Performance is a tour de force by the amazing John McCall. Keep re-watching and learning until it makes sense. Developer App and YouTube.

👀 Create a Custom Store with SwiftData. Don’t miss this if you want to store data in your app in a JSON file. Developer App and YouTube.

👀 SwiftUI Essentials. This video is incredible. I didn’t watch it until late June. It is perhaps the best overview of SwiftUI I have ever seen. Developer App and YouTube.

More to come…